A sesshin is a period of intensive zen meditation, usually under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Sesshins are usually held all year round at the temple Yuyo Nyusanji in the Caroux region of Southern France. Zen Dojo Amsterdam usually organises 2 or 3 weekend sesshins where we invite a teacher from the sangha. This is a schedule of sesshins for 2019 and 2020 as it stood before the Corona outbreak…

Two events were planned in Zen Dojo Amsterdam Gyo Kai” before the outbreak… SESSHIN with Zenmaster Kosho: 7 + 8 March 2020 SESSHIN with ZenMaster Soko: 20 + 21 June 2020

Planning 2019 – 2029 for the Kosen sangha (as it stood before the Corona outbreak…)