NORTH SEA SESSHIN- Two and a half days of intensive zen practice under the direction of zen master GYU JI, (Ingrid Igelnick).
Ingrid Igelnick discovered zen through Master Taisen Deshimaru in 1978. In 1984 Master Kosen ordained her nun and in 2015 gave her the Shiho; the transmission of Master. During these years, she studied Shiatsu and founded Soi-Zen, an atelier for Japanese sewing. She has practiced at the side of her master since 1992 and assists him in his mission.

Zen practice in the Dutch dunes ! Sea, sand, wind and sun, nature and tranquility:
“Kampeerboerderij de Groet”,
Jaagkade 3,
1871 PM Schoorl (Noord Holland).

How to come:
1. by car: Amsterdam – A9 direction Alkmaar – N9 Schoorl
2. public transport: IC Amsterdam Alkmaar – Bus 151

Price: 120 €

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Sesshin is a traditional Japanese word which means “Touch the spirit”. It refers to a zen meditation retreat during which the practitioners live to the rhythm of the intensive practice in the Zen temple.

Such a period usually alternates four sessions of Zazen a day with periods of free time, meals, traditional ceremonies and participation in the necessary tasks of the temple (Samu).

Monks and nuns of the Sangha come together during Sesshins to deepen their practice under the Master’s direction. Sesshins also allows beginners to discover authentic temple life.

Raak je geest aan, word intiem met jezelf, concentreer je in zazen op lichaam en geest. Noch filosofie, noch ethiek, noch religie, de Zen stelt ons in staat om de oorsprong van elke filosofie, ethiek of religie te bereiken. Het voorjaar van het ontwaken transformeert ons leven hier en nu.

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