Sesshin with Master Paula Reikiku Femenias



TOUCHING THE SPIRIT, 16 + 17 October 2021

Zen master Paula Rei Kiku Femenias from Gothenburg,  will lead this weekend sesshin in Gyo Kai.

Sesshin means “Touching the spirit”. It is a period of intensive zen meditation, under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

The nun Rei Kiku, Paula Femenias started zazen in 1990 in Sweden, and for years she followed Master Kosen in Amsterdam and Montpellier.
She returned to Sweden in 2011 where she currently leads a zazen group. Paula is married and has two children, she works and continues to follow Master Kosen and the practice at Temple Yujo Nyusanji.

Friday, October 15: 20:00 Reception (with light meal)
Saturday, October 16 : 4 x zazen , 08:00, 11.00 …..
Sunday, October 17: 2 x zazen, first 8.00 – second 11.00 –
Concluding with a lunch – ending around 15.00
Price (all incl.): € 80/60 (depending on your income)
Registration is necessary:
More info: or +31 (0)6 444 00 270