SESSHIN with Zenmaster Kosho: 7 + 8 March 2020
SESSHIN with ZenMaster Soko: 20 + 21 June 2020
Planning 2019 – 2020 from the Kosen sangha
“A unique chance to practice with an authentic zenmaster”.

Zen Master Loïc “Kosho” Vuillemin:

Son of the Zen master Vincent Keisen Vuillemin, Loïc has been in the midst of Zen since his youngest age. Samu, guen-mai, zazen, kesa, sangha, master Kosen, the social life of modern monks is a natural part of his education and development into adulthood.

However, it is only at the age of 21 and following certain initiatory experiences that he decides to take the form of a monk. The quest begins for him: join Master Kosen, become his disciple and help his sangha. He sews a black kesa and receives the ordination of Master Kosen’s monk in 1998.

It is a few years later, having become the father of an only daughter, that appears the temple Temple Zen Yujo Nyusanji which assumes from the beginning the general maintenance. He moved there in 2010 as a guardian and receives from his Master, in 2013, the transmission of the Dharma making him Master Kosho, 84th patriarch of the lineage. He is 43 years old.
Kosho has lately decided to walk again in the social world, acting as an authentic monk, freedive instructor and competition athlete. In 2019, Loïc registered 4 national records for Switzerland, he participated also to Swiss, Egyptian and World Championships. For Loïc, the practice of Zen meditation and freediving is the key to a deeper understanding and achievment… beyond even self.

Friday 6: 20:00 Reception (with light meal)
Saturday 7: 4 x zazen , 08:00, 11.00 …..
Sunday 8:   2 x zazen, first 8.00 – second 11.00 –
Concluding with a lunch – ending around 15.00 
Price (all incl.) for the Sesshin: € 80/60 (depending on your income)
Everybody is welcome – (it’s possible to join only parts of the sesshin). 

More info and subscribtion :
+31(0)6 444 00 270