Zen Introduction Course

The next course starts after the Summer. The dates are 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 October 2020
(see dojo calendar).
An evening course starts at 6:00 pm and lasts two hours, until 8:00 pm.

Contents of the zen course:

During the course all important aspects of Zen practice are explained. We have divided the course into five evenings. From the first evening on, participants meditate in silence. In addition, a specific aspect of the practice is explained per evening. The duration of the meditation is slowly built up over the five evenings.

Evening 1: The body position.
We explain the attitude we adopt during Zen meditation. We sit on a cushion and sit upright.

Evening 2: The breathing.
In addition to assuming the correct posture, following and observing the breath is an essential element in Zen meditation.

Evening 3. The mental attitude.
We focus on what happens to thinking during meditation and how it relates to attention to posture and breathing.

Evening 4. Zen and everyday life.
We will discuss the relationship between practice and daily life. Zen is preferably practiced without a purpose and this often contrasts with the demands of modern daily life.

Evening 5. The history of Zen.
Our practice is part of the Soto Zen tradition, a movement within Mahayana Buddhism. During this evening we will highlight the historical and traditional side of the practice.

We ask you to be present at least 10 minutes before the start. It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes and leave jewelry and phones in our dressing room or at home.

The costs are € 100.

Payment entitles you to the course and regular Zen practice in our dojo during the course, as well as a whole month after the course. Payment is possible on the first course day, but you can of course also transfer the amount digitally in advance, to our bank account NL89TRIO0391161024, in the name of. Zen Dojo Amsterdam.

You can register for the course via our website, info@zendojoamsterdam.nl, or by calling 06-44400270. Our address is Andreas Bonnstraat 12, 1091 AX Amsterdam.

For any additional questions, please contact us using the contact details above.

We look forward to seeing you soon!