yoga, tai chi, shiatsu, singing, choir

Since January 2017 there are additional lessons and courses in Zen Dojo Amsterdam:

Vocal and Choral

The voice is the mirror of your self

I teach on the basis of
• My experience as a professional actress
• Studying the sound oriented voice pedagogy at the Lichtenberger model

Group lessons : Thuesday 9:30- 10:30 ‘hrs,
Zen Dojo Amsterdam, Andreas Bonnstraat 12

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mob: 0646 2208 77

Adempauze – Breather
Annemiek Boet 200x200
Yoga in the Zen Dojo Amsterdam on Thuesday evening 18.00 until 22.00 ‘hrs
by Annemiek Boet

For more information:

Under this link to her site you can find more information about the yoga classes given by Annemiek Boet Zen Dojo Amsterdam. See the different pages for more information about the content of the classes, locations and times, deepening on the principles of yoga, and more …