Practice in Zen Dojo Amsterdam

The secret of authentic Zen is practicing Zazen

Meditating, practicing zazen, can be compared to planting seeds for a tree. It needs water. You make sure that the seed is not overgrown. Give it a well-chosen spot for the tree to grow in the garden. The place of other plants is dependent on that of the tree. Meditation can be seen as the source of your life, it can not live your life unconsciously.

A zen saying says: a closed hand can hold only a little sand but by an open hand can go all the desert sand.

Continuing zazen is a question of regularity. And then again and again you make free time for it. That may be once a week or more, even every day. Take a pace that you can sustain. Practice in a dojo, along with other people, is a great support and encouragement. You will not be distracted, the conditions are ideal and you get corrections when needed. The times of zazen you can find in the schedule on the site.

During the zazen on sunday there is extra attention for beginners. The other zazens are often completely silent. Questions can be put to the responsible after zazen. You can also ask questions at the forum of this site.


The center regularly organizes a morning, a day or a weekend of intensive practice. You dedicate a moment to complete the exercise without being distracted by your social life. See “intensive practice”

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