Outside the times of the Zen meditations, extra lessons and courses are given in the space of Zen Dojo Amsterdam. The courses are taught by guests for their own groups but can often be of interest to people who practice zen with us…


Vocal and Choral by Anna Kramer



The voice is the mirror of your self

I teach on the basis of
• My experience as a professional actress
• Studying the sound oriented voice pedagogy at the Lichtenberger model

Group lessons : Tuesday 9:30- 10:30 ‘hrs,
Zen Dojo Amsterdam, Andreas Bonnstraat 12

sign in:
mob: 0646 2208 77



Positive Lifestyle by Natalie


On Tuesday mornings and Wednesdays, Natalie from Positive Lifestyle teaches in the Zen Dojo Amsterdam “GYO KAI”

She teaches different types of exercise classes. An eastern and western mix of challenging yoga poses and stretchings and Bio Alignment classes, unique in Amsterdam. A mix of yoga with bio-mechanics and stress release. Learning to move the way your body is made to move in combination with the revolutionary TRE stress release. Good for injuries, mindful movement and stress.

06 348 27976





Do you also want to learn to live more in the ‘here-and-now’?
… to be more aware of your reactions and patterns? … learn to communicate more attentively with the other person?
….learn to become a little milder and kinder to yourself?

By developing mindfulness, you become more present in the present moment and create more space to respond as you would like, instead of being guided by ingrained patterns.

From September 7 I will give an 8-week mindfulness training. In a small group (max. 10 people) we go through this (scientifically substantiated and proven) Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction training (MBSR).

See  for more information and to register.

Holistic Swan Mindfulness