Sumi-e and zazen on Friday-morning

This offering is a combination of bot. In zen-meditation you focus upon breathing and body-posture. The here and now is all that matters.
In kin-hin(walking meditation) you take a step forward upon your breath, in sumi-e you will combine your breathing with putting a stroke of ink on paper. You will make a trace in which you are confronted with the moment of doing so.
Painting you will process this, you keep acting in the moment, every step aside is visible on paper.
Sumi-e is brought from China to Japan by zen monks, they recognized the directness of the painting method. The same directness, this noticing the immediacy, you will find in zen-meditation.(zazen=sitting in concentration)

The schedule of a Friday-morning zazen and sumi-e is as follows:
7.30 zazen
9.00 coffee/tea, bread and biscuits.
10.00 sumi-e
12.00 end
We learn the strokes of the brush practicing the 4 noblemen:
Bamboo, prune-blossom, orchid and chrysanthemum. This way you learn how to move your brush in different , accurate ways If you know how to make these forms you can paint other things like landscape ,waterfall, trees and rocks, birds and all you can imagine.
Your creativity shows the way. To start with, you will spend some time learning the method, it is like learning how to play a musical instrument.

We will work in a small group of 6 persons max.

Contact ;email or come to zazen-introduction given every Sunday-morning at 10.00.
Caroline van den Hoek is an art- teacher , and studied at the academy of arts in Rotterdam .Now learning sumi-e with Beppe Mokuza Signoritti. Sumi-e master from the dojo in Alba, Italy
She is Zen nun since 1999.

Shen Tsung Ch’ien:
The dance of the brush will have to be dominated by the breath. When there is breath ,there is vital energy; the divine will appear from the stroke of the brush.

Ezio Tenryn Zanin:
Sumi-e is painting the life of everything,seen in its fresh original appearance.