The Summer Camp
In Japan “Ango” is a tradition which has been going on since the time of Buddha. It was a period of practice which saw the whole Sangha coming together around the Buddha during the rainy season.
Our sessions include
A period of preparation lasting between 4 to 6 days followed by a sesshin (period of more intensive practice)

Teachings in the dojo (kusen).
Samu: taking part in the daily tasks of the temple (zen kitchen, garden, maintenance, sewing of the kesa). Samu is a japanese word which literally means “doing things”, as in “things to do”. Samu is work for the temple and the community, and forms an integral part of the practice.

Various related activities: yoga, do-in, shiatsu…

Master Kosen gives ordenations for Bodhisattva and monk at the end of the third session.

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