Son of the Zen master Vincent Keisen Vuillemin, Zenmaster Kosho has been in the midst of Zen since his youngest age. Samu, guen-mai, zazen, kesa, sangha, master Kosen, the social life of modern monks is a natural part of his education and development into adulthood.

However, it is only at the age of 21 and following certain initiatory experiences that he decides to take the form of a monk. The quest begins for him: join Master Kosen, become his disciple and help his sangha. The goal is clearly marked, Loïc abandons his studies of ethnobotany and settles in an abandoned service station in the suburbs of Geneva to approach as much as possible of the dojo which educated and supported until then. watchword, practice tirelessly. He sews a black kesa and receives the ordination of Master Kosen’s monk in 1998, which then urges him to undertake biology studies.

Loïc will spend 6 more years in Geneva between dojo practice and university studies that he will complete without completing his doctoral thesis. He then tries to leave for Montpellier where practice Master Kosen daily, but eventually settle in Amsterdam with Hira Hosen who will become his legitimate wife. They live there two years before taking together again the way south. After a difficult beginning, Master Kosen agrees to house the couple and to take Loïc as secretary. He then becomes formally his disciple.

It is a few years later, having become the father of an only daughter, that appears the temple which assumes from the beginning the general maintenance. He moved there in 2010 as a guardian and receives from his Master, in 2013, the transmission of the Dharma making him Master Kosho, 84th patriarch of the lineage. He is 37 years old.

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Saturday, 17 February: 4 x zazen, starting 8.00 until 22.00 o’clock
Sunday, 18 February: 2 x zazen, starting 8.00 until 14.00 o’clock
Sesshin Price (incl. meals) €60 / €80

A sesshin is a period dedicated to meditation zen, zazen : sitting meditation in the traditional posture of lotus, practised by human being since prehistory.
Touch the mind, become intimate with oneself, concentrating in zazen on the unified body and mind. This teaching was transmitted by Master Taisen Deshimaru.
Neither philosophy, nor ethics, nor religion, the Zen allows us to reach the origin of every philosophy, ethics or religion. Spring of awakening, the Zen transforms our life here and now.