Ocean of Practice

Zen Dojo Amsterdam is named Gyo Kai, which means Ocean of Practice.
The dojo is part of the international Kosen Sangha. These are dojos (places where you practice zen), which are led by the French Zen master Kosen Thibaut. Master Kosen himself was a disciple of Master Deshimaru, who brought Zen from Japan to Europe in 1967 .

Everyone is welcome to practice in our dojo. On the pictures in the gallery below you see people who practice in the Zen Dojo Amsterdam “Gyo Kai”, some often, others occasionally.
You see, among others Anna, Caroline, Ernst, Adrian Paul, Arnaud, Florian and John. Some are monk or nun or bodhisattva, others simply practitioners.
They are father or mother, artist, postman, psychologist, actress, musician, architect, coach, filmmaker, lecturer, employed or unemployed, but all stand in the middle of daily life !!!