Online Introduction Course

The essence of authentic zen is the practice of zazen – the meditation while sitting.
Zazen is to sit silent and with consciousness in a balanced posture while you let your thoughts go by. We are absolutely in the moment, our full attention is in the ‘’here and now’.

 Zen practice can help you to follow your own inner compass and at the same time opens up for what is going on around you. This can help to deal with the insecure and noisy characteristics of today.

The dates are: 5, 12, 19, 26 March and 2 April 2021.
Friday evenings from 19.00 till 20.00 o’clock.

The cost of the online course is € 50. Payment allows you to follow the course and to participate with the regular zazen practice in our dojo during the course until one month after the end of lockdown. You can pay by bank transfer to NL89TRIO0391161024, Zen Dojo Amsterdam.
After payment you will receive the credentials for our zoom meetings.

Register by contacting  or by phone06-44400270.

We recommend you to sit on a meditation cushion. If you don’t have one, you can rent one from our dojo, for the duration of the course, (deposit €50).

For further questions or more information don’t hesitate to contact us.
See you soon on line! Zen Dojo Amsterdam.

Content of the course:
In the course all the important aspects of zen practice will be explained. We have divided the course in five evenings. Every lesson we will focus on one important aspect of the practice. From the first lesson on we will practice zazen in silence and the length of this zazen practice will be build up during the course. Each lesson will be given by a different zen practitioner (monk or non). The language will be English and Dutch.

The first lesson. 5th of March. The posture of the body.
We will explain you the physical posture in zazen. We sit on a meditation cushion (zafu), that helps to keep our body straight during zazen.

The second lesson.  12th of March. The breathing.
Apart from taking the right posture, the breathing is important. We follow and observe the rhythm and movement of our breathing while we practice zazen.

The third lesson. 19th of March. The state of the mind.
We will focus on what happens with our thinking while we meditate. The state of the mind is related to the posture of the body and the breathing.

The fourth lesson. 26th of March. Zen and daily life.
We will focus on the relation between zen practice and daily life. Zazen is best practiced without a goal. This is contradictory with most activities in life.

The fifth lesson. 2nd of April. The history of zen practice.
Our practice is part of the Soto zen lineage, which has a specific place in the history of Zen buddhism.
It is part of Mahayana Buddhism.