A kussen is a teaching given by the master during zazen.

“We should discover inside ourselves the voice of love, which is very discrete, sweet, affectionate, which murmured that is loves you.
This love may be found in the breath, in the whole body. This is the root. This love is a very important indication of the truth. It’s a very silent voice, which can guide you, but to listen to it you have to be quiet. One should cut through all the noise of our mind, all the words and all the lies…

What are we looking for in zazen? We are looking for who we really are, to discover what is important, what is authentic. This has nothing to do with looking for Buddah or looking for illumination. This eternal existence which is already in us is very discrete, because it does not lead us through our emotions. Nothing bothers it, it is at ease. When you discover it… it’s as if you’re in love, with lots of love…

This love can grow, grow every day more and more. In this way, when we discover this love, this encounter with our true selves, we are able to communicate in a different way…
It’s difficult to communicate, don’t you think? Some people are married, who live together for many years, but don’t really communicate at all. This happens with ourselves as well. At times we don’t communicate with ourselves. This is why zazen is so important.

Which means that love comes from within, and it cannot be found outside. We must find the source, the water hole… This is why a teacher, or a Buddah is interested in the root, in the source. They are not interested in the branches and the leaves; because they know that the branches and leaves are the six paths of karma.

In contrast, loving yourself is the spiritual path. It’s the beginning, it is the path to the far beyond. Zazen is the best way to go further than our own suffering, the difficulties of our own body, beyond all this… ‘I am beyond this body, beyond this suffering. I am eternal, I am love. If need be, I am prepared to die right now’.

Maestro Kosen Thibaut