Zen Dojo Amsterdam “Gyo Kai” is fully open again for a maximum of 9 participants.

We have installed WIFI in the dojo to give people the opportunity to practice with using ZOOM.

Because of Covid there are a number of precautions that we will observe:

1) No more than 9 people at a time in the dojo – distance from 2 meters to each other.
2) Only 1 person at a time in the dressing room
3) Arrive at least 20 minutes before zazen to allow time to change
4) Face masks and disinfectant are available. Wash hands on arrival.
5) During kinhin we will open the doors to the garden
6) At the end of zazen we will do a shortened ceremony
7) We will clean the dojo well with disinfectant
8) In good weather we can also practice in the garden
9) If you have symptoms, or are in doubt, please do not come.