Zen Meditation Amsterdam

Zen is sitting meditation in the traditional lotus position. Zen has no theory, no idea, no knowledge acquired by our brains.

The truth is not a static conclusion of a logical reasoning but is alive and springs anytime from within us. 

The Zen secret lies within us.


How do you discover this way, how do you practice it?

For the way is not withdrawn or isolated existence required.

The way can be practiced in the midst of social life.

The way you experience as well during study, work or leisure.

The practice of zazen develops qualities such as intuition, concentration, creativity, humor, wit, balance and much more.

The practice does expand vital and mental energy and gives strength and courage to live life as it is.

Yet it is not this just what the Zen practice has been providing for thousands of years standing and has influenced many cultures.

By integrating the practice into your life you’ll discover something even more important: your individuality is one with the truth and naturally following the cosmic order, without effort and no need to exert willpower.

You do things with pleasure and in accordance with your ideals.

Fear, anxiety and restlessness dissolve and from our innermost being an indisputable confidence is awakened to be one with the living and eternal in which, man has been fascinated with for ages.

“Being zen is to know how to make the silence inside of ourselves and to discover in this way our true dimension”. Kosen

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“Zen is zazen”

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