What is Zen?

The essence of authentic Zen is the practice of sitting meditation (zazen). We sit quietly and attentively in a balanced position and let our thoughts pass, absolutely in the present moment, here and now. Full attention in the present moment is the essence of Zen.

“Being zen is to know how to find silence inside ourselves and to discover that this is our true nature”.

Zenmaster Kosen

“During zazen, let the images, the thoughts, the mental shapes appearing from the unconscious, pass like clouds in the sky, without fighting them, without grasping them. Like the reflection in a mirror, the expression of the unconscious pass, pass again and then vanish. One gets to the deep unconscious, without thinking, beyond thought (hishiryo), true purity.”

Zenmaster Taisen Deshimaru

Authentic Zen is practice, not theory or dogma, nor intellectual knowledge. In this unique action we find intimacy with ourselves, in harmony with the whole of our existence. We find the connection of the mind with our own pure source, without duality or judgment, beyond thought or no thought. Aware in the present moment, here and now.

“Authentic Zen is Mushotoku, the attitude of non-profit, of not wanting to gain anything, no purpose, the practice without intention.”

When we understand our true nature, we harmonize and merge with the entire universe. We align ourselves and follow the cosmic order. We discover and value the world as it is. Being Zen is being able to forget ourselves. We know why we do things and act without doubt, without regret, from the silence within ourselves.


The secret of Zen lies within.

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