Sumi-e workshops

Sumi-e is an ancient painting method used by zen monks as tool for improving concentration and experiencing the moment. 
We paint by bringing awareness to the breathing. The gestures of painting are rhythmically repeated following the flow of the breath. This enhances a state of concentration and attention typical in meditation. 

The subjects in sumi-e are related to nature and are painted by using black ink and all its shades. We start by studying the bamboo, which is the basic and main subject. 

To have a full experience of the sumi-e practice, as in the ancient tradition, it is highly recommended to attend it together with the regular Sunday morning zazen. 

Sumi-e and zazen are closely related.

Everybody is welcome to try out this creative and powerful combination.

Program sumi-e workshop:

To be announced

To be announced

 Zen Dojo Amsterdam . 
Wear comfortable and dark clothes. We will paint basic lines, following this special method these lines will become a bamboo composition.

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